AspectJ Development Environment support for NetBeans

This documents the AspectJ Development Environment (AJDE) module extension to the  NetBeans and  Forte for Java /SunOne integrated development environments (IDE's) to support aspect-oriented programming using AspectJ.

A great article on Aspect-Oriented Programming with Sun(tm)ONE Studio by Vaughn Spurlin is also available.


AJDE for NetBeans enables you to:


To uninstall follow NetBeans's documentation on un-installing modules, or simply remove the file modules/aspectjForNetbeans.jar from NetBeans's install directory.

Running AJDE for NetBeans

3.1 Setting up the AspectJ Examples AJDE in NetBeans 3.3.2

3.2 Compiling the Spacewar Example

3.3 Running the Spacewar Example

3.4 Debugging the Spacewar Example

AspectJ-related options can be modified in the AJDE settings window.